Ayubi Seafood: Navigating Seasonal Challenges to Digital Success


Ayubi Seafood


Ayubi Seafood, a burgeoning business based in Karachi, Pakistan, embarked on a digital marketing venture in September 2023. Initially, their foray into Facebook and Instagram advertising faced setbacks due to the seasonal lull in seafood consumption during breeding seasons. However, through strategic adjustments and perseverance, they achieved remarkable growth in a short span.

Challenges Faced

Seasonal Constraints: Breeding seasons led to decreased consumer interest in seafood during the initial marketing phase.
Limited Ad Budget: Beginning with a modest budget of Rs. 8,000, Ayubi Seafood struggled to generate traction with standard ads, resulting in minimal orders primarily from acquaintances.

Initial Approach & Results

Revised Strategy: Increased ad budget to Rs. 30,000 and employed advanced Facebook advertising.
December Performance: With a fresh ad account, they garnered 52 orders, yielding Rs. 198,000 in revenue. A substantial achievement for a newly established business.

Key Learnings

Seasonal Sensitivity: Recognizing the impact of seasonal variations on consumer behavior is pivotal for seafood businesses.
Adaptability and Investment: Enhancing the ad budget and utilizing advanced ad features proved crucial in capitalizing on a more favorable market landscape.
Utilizing Lookalike Audiences: Leveraging insights garnered from initial customer engagements, they created lookalike audiences to optimize ad targeting.